We are Cheyenne and Chawnee. Identical twin sisters living life in Florida, enjoying short walks to Whit's frozen custard, aggressive amounts of Netflix, and spending every waking minute with each other. ​We are serious about living our best life and want to share with you all because who knows, maybe it can help you live your best life. 

Retired Collegiate soccer players turned full time co-dog mom's- who dabble in purchasing and planning. Think: full time Corporate America, part time models and content creators meets health and wellness advocates.

We decided to create this little place to keep you all up to date with what our lives consists of other than Roo and Game of Thrones. Some may be boring, most will be exciting, but we hope for it to be  something you catch yourself reading on your toilet breaks. 


Bringing to you our favorite laid-back, effortlessly chic, ever so comfortable brands that match our sandy, salty vibe. We would like to give thanks and  recognition to those brands that reach out to us, you make us look cooler than we may actually be. But we can let you readers be the judge of that. Look good, feel good, be good.. am I right?

We are determined to see as many places as possible and have been quite fortunate in making those dreams reality. We would like to share the places we have seen, the places we have eaten and the people we have met along the way. Maybe even some saving tips?! Yeah, if we write about it, maybe it will help us out too :-)


And most recently we decided to share our journey of Health and Wellness. We are certainly no expert when it comes to this part of our life, but we think we have some things up our sleeves to share. Whether it be at home work outs, greener choices or even just self love, self care, and balance.

We partner with professional photographers to produce the best content possible for social media, local boutiques, collaborating brands- and most recently; world known brands. We work independently as  professional models for lifestyle and commercial genres. Email Hello@cheyandchawn.com for inquiries. 

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