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A newbs guide to a Marathon

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

by two retired collegiate athletes who have no idea what they're doing, but will try to convince you that they do.

Our Holiday Season is normally our "off-season". Not by choice, just kind of happens. Life begins to get in the way, the weather turns cold, and to be honest- those are just excuses. The year is coming to an end and quite frankly, we would rather just spend our down time on the couch cuddled warm than do any physical activity.

BUT this past year was different. We decided that we would run the Donna Half Marathon in Jacksonville Beach in February 2018. We both figured that if we signed up for it, it would sort of "make" us be active during Florida's frigid winter.

One morning after a run I got out of the shower and said to Chawnee, "You know what I have been thinking?" and she replied "That you want to run the full marathon, not just the half." And Yep, yes that was exactly what I was thinking (this weird twin thing happens to us often). So that day, with 10 weeks until race day, we purchased our spot and got to googling "A beginners Marathon Guide" on Pinterest.

AND TADA this is what we came up with.

Note: We took multiple guides we found online and created this to fit our schedule and what we thought was do-able for us. We have no idea if this is the "correct" way to train for a marathon, but hey worked for us. We survived. (AND if you have any tips, please share!)

Somehow we tricked 6 of our friends into enduring this with us, and it made training so much more fun. If you're thinking about running a marathon, we highly recommend convincing your best buds that running 10+ miles on a Saturday morning is way more fun than drinking on a Friday. OR in our case get you friends that go out on Friday, eat taco bell at 3 am, and wake up at 7 am to push you to run 14 miles at an 8 minute pace. (Ivo)

When training, we never really set goal times, or pace times, or personal records. We just did each run how we were feeling that day, but I do think our inner athlete came into play around week 6 and training turned into a competition to exceed our initial goal at 4 hours 30 minutes.

And that we did!!!!!! 3 hours and 47 brutal minutes later, we crossed the finish line cursing ourselves and questioning every decision we ever made. But WE. DID. IT

and we want to do it again :)

Things to know:

26.2 miles is WAY more than 20 miles

You will take off a minute of your pace time on race day

Nipples do chaff (Tyler)

Mile 18 is debatably the worst

Tears will fall (Meghan)

Full body cramps can happen (Ben)

Smirnoff Ice's are the best recovery drinks (Kelsey)

Choose a route that doesn't have a bridge on the last mile

Blue Heat Essential Oil saves lives

Things we recommend:

Celebrating two days later with a ski trip with 20+ friends!!!

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