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Billabong : a bikini kind of life

A couple weeks ago we got to attend a forum with Billabong Women’s to brainstorm and get the creative juice flowing for their next big collaboration. How did we get lucky enough to attend this? We’re still not sure, but it was something r e a l l y (spaced out for dramatic effect) cool and informative and we are still thrilled that we got the invite.

The deal:

Billabong Women’s is planning their next campaign and they wanted to know from REAL girls what interests us. They planned 4 forums with 10-15 girls in Florida, California, France, and Australia.

The Topics:

What we follow on social media?

Who we follow on social media?

What brands inspire us?

What organizations inspire us?

Who inspires us?

What do we stand for?

The conclusion:

We all shared similarities when discussing the above topics (i.e laidback style, beach lovers, travel enthusiast). But the discussion about “what we stood for” was where we all got to show a little individuality. It was refreshing to be in a room with girls between the age of 16-25 years old and hear that sustainability, mental health, animal rights, ocean preservation, and much more were important to everyone there. A generation where organizations that are doing better for the world are at the top of the list for inspiration is definitely uplifting and makes us so happy to be a part of.

Are they going to team up with an influencer, a brand, or an organization for their next campaign? Who knows. We just got to sit back and wait – and hope that we can say that we had some, I mean verrrrrrrrry little, but some help in deciding it. Hehe.

We also got some goodies from attending this – so what better way to show them off then to shoot with one of the most DOWN TO EARTH, ocean loving and oh so talented babe @e_m_anderson. She’s great x 1000. Go follow her, you won't regret it.

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