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"I can't afford it" YES YOU CAN!

This is for the people out there that want to do a cleanse and start eating healthier, but feel it is too expensive. Trust us, we were those people too! We were these people for months! We went back and forth between wanting to do Arbonne and feeling like we were going to break our banks.

Eventually we decided to stick to our little "health is wealth" thinking and bite the bullet. After all, Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Kit is only about $8 a day.

$8 a day. We low-key knew that our weekly runs to Starbs, Whit's frozen custard & Chipotle were probably pretty equal to this anyway.


In c o m p l e t e honesty, I added up my bank statements spent on the last two weeks of food... and I am pretty embarrassed. I legitimately thought I was good at saving money, but I spent $169 on food in one week and ate out 6/7 days in the week. I'm lol'ing and I'm done going through my statements- my heart can't afford to see how much more money I have blown going out to eat.

and NO we're not saying going out to eat shouldn't be done. We love supporting local spots, we love food and we definitely love the social aspects of it. BUT we're here to be grade A representations that eating healthy and joining a cleanse with a company that will provide recipes, grocery lists and motivation is a f f o r d a b l e.

If you're done with the excuses and want to join us on our journey to a healthier life, slide into our DM's on Instagram or email us at xoxo


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