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Things that have got increasingly worse as we get older:

- metabolism

- flexibility


I mean like c'mon, we used to drink Wednesday to Sunday, play a collegiate sport and be perfectly fine for weights in the morning and practice at 3pm. "Perfectly" fine is probably a stretch of the truth, but our point is: Hangovers are NOT the same anymore and we're only 25.

Now if we'll have a glass of wine or two and how head is pounding come morning. Dare we go out on the town with our best girl friends?! SEE you in 2 days the nausea and dehydration has taken over.

Productivity and Responsibilities OUT

Couch, Carbs and Game of Thrones ON

But, we may have just found our little ALL NATURAL miracle workers. My Stop Hangover combines B-vitamins, Pear Cactus, Coconut water, Milk Thistle, Beet Root, Wheat Grass, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Aloe Vera and Caffeine to create hangover relief pills that a c t u a l l y work and aren't filled with chemicals.

We gave these bad boys a test over NYE weekend. I can tell you we DRANK a lot throughout our vacation to Asheville, I mean it is the brewery capital in the country so what would you expect. AND we we're able to do it for 4 days straight! Thank you, Next (my stop hangover pill)


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