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RECHARGED. RESET. READY. a recap on Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living

We want to start with that we hate that the word “detox” or “cleanse” is associated with this program, because that is not what it is at all! Or at least it’s just not what we associate the word “detox” and “cleanse” with because it’s not juices, it’s not a fad diet and it’s not any secret pills, instead it’s the medicine of the correct amounts of protein, fruits, vegetables, and fats.

Many of us do those types of cleanses and detoxes for fast results of normally one main goal- weight loss. Which probably ends up in a couple months of splurging which leads you back to re-toxing. If this is true for you, this is an unhealthy, unsustainable habit of fueling your body and you should keep reading, if it’s not you-you should still keep reading because 2019 is about to be all about being the healthiest YOU! And we need this program for maximum nutritional balancing!

So what is Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living if it is not a detox?

This program is eating, but eating clean and whole foods, and adding in supplements and nutrients into your diet to allow your body to work properly and do its job! SO yes, in a way it is cleansing, but we like to refer to it as a reset and recharge instead!

You can read more about the program here and here.

This program is focused on getting healthy, not losing weight. So you’re in the right mindset throughout the month. Not obsessed with the scale or numbers.

It is is educational, so you make the decisions to be healthier because you know it is this right and it is what you WANT to do.

It is is designed by the #1 Health and Wellness company- globally, with all products being Vegan, Gluten/Soy/Dairy Free, Non-GMO and Kosher.

It is about paying attention to chemicals not calories.

It is about eliminating allergenic, addictive and acidic forming foods.

This program is about proper nutrition for proper digestion for proper mind health.

This program is about sustainable habits for a healthy lifestyle way past 30 days.

This program is about getting the body to alkaline state.

This program is based on support

This program is based on dedication

This program is based on accountability

It teaches commitment

It teaches determination

It teaches success

This program is so much more than weight-loss

We want to take a step away with how we chose to market this program, because it is so much more than weight loss. Losing weight (if that is what you’re looking for) is just a cherry on top in this journey! But this program can also be about gaining weight- it can be entirely based on your wants and needs, and that’s a wonderful thing!!

So let’s shift that focus- to what we have personally found to be the best thing about this program. Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living has given us so much energy, focus, and education- that we can’t stop sharing it with you all.

Energy: Seriously, this whole month we got up and worked out every morning because our eating was right, our sleeping was right. Giving our bodies the proper nutrition during the day, allowed our minds to get the proper rest to perform at the highest level each day. It is crazy to think that with a good diet, comes better everything, especially a healthier mind. Healthy gut = healthy mind?? Read here.

Education: IF this program does anything for you, it opens up opportunities to discover a whole new world of alternative snacks that are better for you and just as tasty. It allows you to get creative in the kitchen and learn new recipes that are easy and delicious. It opens your eyes to start reading labels and realize what you’re actually putting into your body. It also teaches you how often you were lazy, and ate out and how much money you dropped every Sunday out of habit, with Starbucks, acai bowls, sushi and Whits.

Focus: This program shifted our whole world. No really, were focused on ourselves, our goals, and were setting daily intentions to reach them. Maybe this happens when you focus on bettering yourself in one way, you get obsessed with being the best version of yourself in every way. We don’t know, but we are definitely not complaining. Not to mention, work is going by faster because we are being more productive during the day.. NO MORE dragging hours! YAAAS


Nothing good ever comes easy and happens overnight, BUT with this program results will happen and you will not regret doing it, we promise that. AND it can be fun. We talked our boyfriends and roommate into doing this with us and we had a blast cooking new creative recipes, and prepping for the week on Sundays. Also accountability, having others do it with us made it easier!

Pro Tip: get one or two friends/significant others to do it with you and make it about having fun, not restricting yourself!

Chawnee: Down 6 lbs and 2.5 inches lost

Cheyenne: Down 5 lbs and 2 inches lost

If that’s not enough for you to want to do this program, other reasons we chose Arbonne and will continue to choose Arbonne is because of two huge factors, Sustainability and Savings.

Sustainability: defined is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. AKA balance! Balance is what we believe in, and sustainable practices is what we promote with everything in life. Remember that 80/20 lifestyle we have been bringing up? Treating your body right and living your life, because a bad meal isn’t going to ruin your journey and getting mad at yourself about it, won't help it either. Not to mention, Arbonne is sustainable certified, meaning they care for our planet just as much as they do us!

Savings: Yes, we know the program seems like a lot upfront, but it averages out to be less than $9 a day! And that includes two meals and your coffee/soda/energy replacements! Your wallet and your savings will thank you for this program. Refer to this post if you missed it, but we’ll also recap here. We saved around $180 each for the month. Think about it, saving more money to shop or travel in return of getting healthy and confident? That’s a freaking win/win in our book.

check out this break down from Cheyenne's Bank Statements ....


We could go on and on about this program, but the 17 others (girls/guys/moms/post-partum mamas/nurses/9-5ers/students/athletes/etc.) that joined us will say the exact same. We're thankful for everything Arbonne is and what it has taught us over the last 30 days, but were most thankful for who Arbonne is helping us and others become.

The smallest step can make the biggest difference. If we can all do it, so can you.

We encourage you to invest in yourself!

Say yes to making 2019 your best year yet.

Say yes to confidence.

Say yes to becoming the best version of yourself.

And this is just the beginning. Drop a email/text/comment (whichever form of communication you prefer) and let’s get you started, we can't wait!


What is alkaline state? On the short, the body is designed to operate within a very narrow pH range, which is around 7.36. The pH scale ranges from 0-14 and a pH higher than 7 is alkalizing. In order for our blood to effectively act as a medium of oxygen and other vital nutrients the pH needs to be close to this range. When your body is in alkaline state, you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases. Think healthier weight, more energy and alertness while fewer colds, infections and digestive issues. (were smelling a new blog post)

What does your normal day look like? There's no right or wrong way to have your day, it all depends on what you prefer or what fits your schedule. No one is telling you to eat this at this time, or that you can't eat past a certain time. Anyways, ours looks liked:

DIGESTION PLUS: first thing in the morning shot style

DETOX TEA with FIZZ STICK: Morning cup of tea in replace of coffee

PROTEIN/FIBER/GREEN BALANCE SMOOTHIE: loaded with spinach, green apple, mixed berries, coconut milk and a little almond butter!

SNACKS: protein oat ball, apple and almond butter, hard boiled eggs, or hummus & carrots.

FIZZ: afternoon pick me up!

CLEAN MEAL: every night we had a clean dinner, and that depended for a clean lunch the next day or a second shake as lunch. Our second shake of the day wouldn't include the fiber and more so "shake" style than smoothie.

DETOX TEA: after dinner soothing before bed :)

What foods do you avoid? Artificial sweeteners, dairy, wheat/gluten, soy, yeast, MSG, vinegar, coffee, white rice, white potatoes and corn. No extra added sugar or salt. Think whole30 based diet but you’re allowed legumes and beans!

Can you eat meat? Yes! Just want you to choose organic, grass-fed, cage-free whenever available and stick to red meat only once a week. When we say “vegan” we just mean that Arbonne’s products are, so if you are VEGAN this program is for you too!

Can you eat out? YES. The program doesn’t want you to stay inside your house and be antisocial for a whole month. We get it, sometimes grabbing something quick is easier and events happen during a month. Eat out, that’s fine. Just choose a healthier option. Be more mindful and read the ingredients! You are also supposed to avoid alcohol, and that just didn’t quite fit into our lifestyles completely. So we stuck to Tito’s and waters (+ a FIZZ) or Red Wine.

Can you work out? Yep, you can continue your everyday routine as usual. You don’t have to change anything up. You don’t even have to work out if you don’t want to, but we are team working out because sweating and getting outside is good for the soul and mind.

KETO Diet vs Arbonne 30

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