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Today were talking Periods .

And fertility .

Your cycle and your body  .

And how we made the switch to a

Natural, Hormone-Free Method of birth control

Just like many of you, we have spent half our lives testing various female contraceptive methods. We started the Pill initially as a way to reduce our risks of Ovarian Cysts and the cure to severe heavy periods and cramps, and then after that as a way of preventing pregnancy.

Let us repeat that – for HALF OF OUR LIVES we had been filling our bodies with estrogen and progestin and we did not like the sound of that. We knew there had to be a better alternative that was healthier for our bodies, but also safe and effective for a healthy #peace #of #mind (this is important, you know what I’m sayin) 

We like to think that we aren’t alone when we say the Pill made us some crazy, crying, bi-polar, always-hungry messes. But the reality of this is that it is not the Pill’s fault, but really that it is the truth behind our menstrual cycles and we just need to have a better understanding of our bodies and our cycles.

And that is why a year ago we gave up the Pill and switched to tracking our menstrual cycle and calculating ovulations windows by using the Natural Cycles App and a basal thermometer- YES our birth control went digital and we went natural.

Fertility awareness is not new, calculating ovulation windows based on body temperature and menstrual cycle has been around for decades, lucky for us all of that is made simple. As of August 2018, Natural Cycles is the first FDA approved digital contraception.

Natural Cycles uses an algorithm that tracks body temperature and period cycle information and is designed to determine which day users can have sex without getting pregnant.

Every morning we wake up and the first thing we do is take our temperature. It takes some time to get into this routine, but it is just like the routine of taking the pill at the same time every day.

We plug our temperature into the App and immediately get feedback. Green indicates that you are not ovulating AND GOOOD TO GO without making a baby. Red however means that you are ovulating and should not have unprotected sex if you aren’t ready to be a mama (and dad).

Something we feel strong about is getting to know your body, and this method is taking us one step further in such a positive natural way. Getting in tune with your cycle and what to expect is refreshing and can explain a lot- especially why you can feel certain ways at different times of the month, it puts your mind as ease!

Now that we know when ovulation or menstruation is approaching we are kinder to ourselves (and we can prepare those around us that the time is coming, hehe). We accept that our energy will be lower, that our appetite will increase, and we will hold onto more water. Knowing what to expect gives us the security and control and acceptance we need to listen and nurture.

Some terminology made simple

Basal Thermometer:  more sensitive than other thermometers, according to the FDA, and can pick up on the slight rise of a woman’s body temperature during ovulation.

Resting Body Temperature: close to the lowest temperature your body will reach during your sleep and is linked to your body’s hormones.

Ovulation: The releasing of an egg. Happens one day a month. You cannot have more than one ovulation phase in one cycle, BUT you can release 2 (or more) eggs in one ovulation phase and that is how fraternal twins are created- in case you were curious ;-)

Fertility: The time of the month that you’re most likely to get pregnant. Usually 12-14 days before your next period starts, but use the APP to get that day to a TEE.

**You have to be over 18 to use Natural Cycles; it’s 93% effective and 99% effective if you use the app correctly. It does not protect against STI’s! And it takes 1-3 cycles for the recommendations from the app to be consistent** Please note: this is not a paid advertisement and you should do your own research before switching.

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